Saturday, March 27, 2010

24:00 Planet of the Apes 3979HT

This movie capitalizes on the ability of science fiction to address controversial issues. It manages to be about war & anti-war, racism, religion vs. science, and probably one or two others I can't spot or think of right now.

Taylor's brief escape romp manages to show off the superb ape city sets. And it ends in Taylor's classic "damn dirty ape" line. In most PotA movies there's a wonderful moment when the supposedly mute ape or man first speaks. This is the best of them all.


It's the tribunal scene. They take away Taylor's clothes and his dignity. Kim and Roddy do a good job of not staring at his ass.

We're 24 hours in and fresh as dead daisies.


Blogger Scott said...

The best way I've ever heard this expressed is a quote attributed to Rod Serling: "Things which couldn't be said by a Republican or Democrat could be said by a Martian."

11:46 AM  

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