Sunday, February 26, 2006

23:45 Channel 356 -- MSNBC

MSNBC News Live

Really this is just God taking one last kick at me for my authorship on 24HoTV.

We're plunged directly into the Arab owned port deal. Hillary "Carpetbagger" Clinton is going off about the Arab owned ports. It is, of course, a vast right wing conspiracy.

This was followed by some member of the vast right wing conspiracy that was going off about the War on a Noun, I mean, the War on Terrorism.

Now it's Olympic coverage, or more precisely, how the U.S. has fared for medals. "The people that we over-hyped for medals didn't bring any home. Somehow some of the other lamers did. How did that happen?"

Now it's New Orleans. "Do you think New Orleans is ready for Mardi Gras this week? And more precisely, do you think it's okay that you celebrate and have fun when so many people have, you know, died there recently?"

Weather. "There's a killer amount of windchill around. But if you stay inside, I guess that's not a problem so it's a little disappointing from the threatening point of view."

"Microsoft + NBC = Crazy Delicious."
-- Special K

"You guys tried to make me hate 24HoTV with one last shot. You failed."
-- b1

This is b1-66er, over and out. Thanks for your readership on my TV items, I appreciate it.


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