Saturday, March 14, 2009

11:15 544 -- TMC

"The Breed" A vicious pack of mutated dogs hunts a group of friends vacationing on a tropical island. Sounds good.

Scary music. Hot guys (apparently). Hot chicks in bikinis. They're gonna get it.

Mama K.: "That's what I want: a bow and arrow when I go out against a pack of mutated dogs."

MTBA (mean time between attacks) seems to be 20 minutes or so, I'd guess. But we're about to see one.

The evil dogs are different breeds. Yet they all work together to kill the humans. This is heartwarming.

Arrow-shooting guy accidentally shoots a girl in the leg instead of a dog. It's hilarious. Sorry, but it is. And she's Michelle Rodriguez from Lost.

It's really gonna be a shame to turn this off. This again is part of the genius of 24 Hours of TV.

B says: "Tree-climbing dogs don't scare me. But friends who can't shoot well with a bow and arrow do."


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