Saturday, March 27, 2010

12:10 "The Deception" (TV Series) 3085HT

Whoa, inter-species love. Fauna the blind ape girl is in love with our man Burke. It will not be consummated: this is mid-70s TV. But again, kudos for going there.

From "Planet of the Apes Revisited":

"Makeup tests of a half-ape, half-human were made but ultimately discarded."

The ape KKK members wear creepy hoods. As they must. How not fun it must have been to wear the ape makeup plus a frickin' hood.

BTW this episode has grown stronger and I'm liking it more. Or maybe that's the coffee talking.

Whoa! Fauna falls into the sea! Rescued by humans! Will the ape KKK love them now? YES! JOY!


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