Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whatever happened to the PotA TV series?

"The show never garnered enough in the way of ratings to secure its position, losing the battle -- and badly -- to the NBC powerhouse combination of the time, 'Sanford and Son' an 'Chico and the Man'."


Blogger suttonhoo said...

Chico & Sanford: those were good shows.

re the Flintstones*: I'm guessing it's because of the old school gender styling. if I had your stamina I'd want to watch the entirety to see if they speak out as strongly for women's equality as they do for racial equality.

I'm guessing not.

*I knew a guy in LA who relocated there with his family as a kid because his dad got a gig illustrating "a new animated series based on the Honeymooners".

to the moon! alice.

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