Saturday, March 27, 2010

13:00 "The Horse Race" (TV Series) 3085HT

With the exception of 24HoTV, I watch very little TV; but I've noticed a modern TV formula that the POTA series is missing ...

Most TV modern TV shows use to intertwined story lines ... So say a kid wants to pass his driver's ed test and the next door neighbor is trying to score a date with the mailman ... These two plot lines will helically weave their way back-and-forth as the show progresses.

On the POTA series it's just one line ... and (part) of the result is things go very slowly.

This one was pretty good, though considering the competition.  Tiger scorpions, apes cheating at horse races.  Urko going nuts.  A fair amount of high-speed shooting.

Special K has developed an affinity for the series while I slept.  While b1 was a away, the K psychological mouse did play.


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