Saturday, March 14, 2009

04:15 270 -- Cable Response Infomercial Response

"The Cash Flow Business" with Gary Collins, Emmy Award Winning Host. He's famous.

Russ Dalbey, whose title is "Founder, Multi-Millionaire". IT'S SO EASY! YOU JUST FIND A NOTE, LIST IT, AND WHEN THE DEAL IS DONE, YOU MAKE MONEY!!! HOLY CRAP, WHY AM I WORKING???

All you need to do is follow the program! Get a brain! Morans!

B1 found an exposé on the guy, but the exposé was written by a different scammer. Awesome.

Here's a better exposé B1 found:

Of course, the question with these guys is always: if it really works, why are you telling us about it instead of just DOING IT?

Rule of thumb: shows where people clap for making money are bad.

B1: "This guy is a juicer. After all, he used to ride a bike."

B1: "This guy Russ Dalbey looks suspiciously like an evil Ron Howard."


Blogger Callen Damornen said...

Exactly what is my alleged scam? I write about things the way I see them, much like you do. If I'm a scammer, so are you.

1:40 PM  

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