Saturday, March 14, 2009

04:30 Channel 2 KTVU: "American Chopper"

I only watch TV when I travel. Usually that means the 20-or-so channels they have at a Motel 6 equivalent. But I've been traveling a lot lately and I've actually seen this show before ...

It's about a bunch of guys that chop up motorcyles.

Now, what's interesting here is my brother, the world's best mechanical engineer, worked at Indian Motorcyle. He knows a TON about bikes and aftermarket equipment. The short version is, essentially anything anyone tries to add to a bike is crap. There's no testing. No engineering. No understanding of design. A Harley, just left by itself to run, will shake itself apart in fairly short order.

"A Harley Davidson, unmodified and with no load, will take a force of 60 G's on the front fender. It doesn't matter how big your moustache is."

- b1

"If I bought a motorcycle, I'd want it from them."

- Special K

{Special note: We're at the very end of the 24HoTV spectrum.}


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