Saturday, March 27, 2010

14:40 "The Tyrant" (TV Series) 3085HT

The two lead gorillas are super chummy in this one. I'd like to see them when they're drunk.

So far this ep has less action than the average one. Not good for those who, like me, are just popping back out of sleep.

Nice camera shot with a giant candle in the foreground and two gorillas conspiring in the background.

Galen is super bitchy here. "You. Do not impress me. Atall."

This ep is super duper slow. It might be good, but I'm unable to concentrate to know for sure. (I don't think it's good.) I think the director said "Lights! Camera! Sit there."

Oh hey! There's a quick little fight! "Let's tie him up and put 'im in the brush." So much tying up in PotA.

Galen is wearing a bizarre highway-cone-orange* bib.

*Color named by B1-66er.

And there was a really weird bomb and it didn't explode. MY color is unhappy.


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