Saturday, March 27, 2010

19:50 "Terror on Ice Mountain" (Cartoon) 3979HT

It's one of the standard PotA tropes: the ancient book that proves human were once intelligent. In this case, "A Day at the Zoo".

Zira looks to have gained about 40 pounds for this episode. She must be a method actress. Oh wait, in the next shot she's back to normal. This is highly advanced animation.

Who decided to go with "humanoids" instead of "humans" throughout this series? I want to slap that person.

They chew up a good 6 minutes ballooning through a snowstorm. That's good. That's good.

One good thing about this series is that almost every episode has some kind of cool visual -- preposterous though it may be. Zorak the sea monster, skull shooting flames out of its holes, and in this one, Kaigor the giant ape. I like it.


Blogger rassmguy said...

The whole "humanoids" thing never made any sense to me whatsoever. A humanoid, by definition, would be something that has human-like characteristics, without actually being human. For the apes to call them humanoids implies they also have a concept of humans, which they recognize Nova's people as being a reasonable facsimile of, while not actually being human. In other words, they see Nova's tribe and say, "Ah, those are clearly not humans. However, they are so similar to humans that we will instead call them humanoids." Even more ridiculous are the astronauts, who continue to use that term even after realizing they're still on Earth, at which point they should know with 100% certainty that Nova's people are the same species as they are--human. Whatever writer decided to call them humanoids shall heretofore be referred to as a writeroid--he or she has characteristics that are LIKE a writer... but without actually BEING a writer.

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