Saturday, March 14, 2009

08:45 204 -- Headline News

"Showbiz Tonight"

A guy talking very fast about the Octo-Mom (mother of implanted octuplets) being on Dr. Phil. Exclusive info about her new deal to get free care for her 8, no wait, 14 children! Now all we have to do is worry about all the other kids who aren't part of 14-kid families, and we'll be golden.

This is a story I can't run far enough away from normally. And again, the beautiful karma of 24 Hours of TV forces me to watch it.

Now a self-aggrandizing attorney is talking about how she helped the Octo-Mom.

B says: "This show is exactly the reason I don't like television. It's exactly the kind of show I turn off television if it's on around me. It gives television a bad name. It's not news, it's not relevant, it has nothing to do with the real world."

I'm not sure I can watch 5 more minutes of this crap.

Coming up: Britney's controversy about her new song that "supposedly spells out the F-word"! Dude, that story is so 4 weeks ago.


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