Thursday, March 12, 2009

24HoTV2 Press Release

The Return of 24 Hours of TV -- Don’t Just Watch TV, Live It

On March 14, 2009, celebrated author Special K and his wise-cracking-yet-amiable sidekick b1-66er will spend 24 consecutive hours in front of a high-definition television in suburban Campbell, CA. The event will be covered as it occurs both on a dedicated Web site and on Twitter. The public is encouraged to check on the progress of the event, or even participate.

It Wasn’t Bad Enough to Not Do Twice

24 Hours of Television (24HoTV) isn’t a new idea. The viewing duo did this piece of performance art once before on February 25, 2006.

Special K explains, “Enough time has passed that my psychological batteries are fully recharged. Now is the perfect time for 24HoTV2.” B1-66er adds, “I’m guessing that the fact Special K is taking time off from his job right now is not just coincidence.”

Watch or Join In?

As with the original 24HoTV, the entire event will be covered before, during and after the actual viewing on the blog: Both Special K and b1-66er will be providing extensive commentary on the Web site along with color commentary using the Twitter hash code “#24HoTV.” Viewers will be able to tweet responses that, in turn, will be added to the Web site. Further, anyone stepping forward to commit the same 24 hour period of time for TV viewing will be considered for author privileges as a true participant. Interested parties should seek the 24HoTV site for more details.

A Stupid Idea Creates the Rule of Motion

Special K explains the background of the project: “I’ve been offered hundreds of program choices on TV. When I looked at the listings I was always intrigued by the potential for strangeness, badness, and camp. Three years ago, I made the decision to watch as much as I could - changing the channels randomly on a set schedule. The event was both dull and compelling beyond my imagination. Enough time has passed that it’s time to return to the well. I thirst for a bombardment of TV.” He pauses then adds, “It always has been a really stupid idea.”

As with a shark’s inherent need to swim to live, 24HoTV is guided by the General Rule of Motion. Every 15 minutes, a channel on DirecTV will be randomly chosen and the channel will be changed – regardless of what is being watched at the time and irrespective of the channel being changed to (as long as there is a coherent signal). Unlike the original incarnation, 24HoTV2 will not allow “viewing” of what b1-66er refers to as, “cheater radio stations” -- those channels on satellite TV that are actually radio station broadcasts.

24HoTV -- Now with More Chirping

A dedicated brain trust has come forward to enable advanced Twitter capabilities to this incarnation of 24HoTV. Special K will be “tweeting” from the account 24HoTVS, b1-66er will be using 24HoTVb and general administration announcements will be made from 24HoTV. Users can follow the hash tag #24HoTV, or even include it in comments of their own to be included on the Web site.

Special K notes, “It’s a significant move forward. The AOL chat room we used last time wasn’t nearly as successful as I’d hoped. Twitter gives us the chance to have a virtual chat room with a much larger audience -- and include that as part of the permanent record.” B1-66er adds, “It’ll actually be a miracle if we can get it all to work. If Twitter explodes, we’ll fall back to simply using all the Blogger tools.”

Does 24HoTV Bear a Curse?

During the original 24HoTV, two famous television personalities passed away (Don Knotts and Darren McGavin). These deaths have sparked persistent rumors in both the Internet and Macintosh undergrounds that 24HoTV is cursed. In essence: if the event happens, bad things may befall TV personalities. Special K says, “That’s ridiculous,” but seems to get flustered adding, “you don’t know any famous TV people that are ill right now, do you?”

Why 24HoTV Again?

B1-66er says, “The first time was a challenge as it happened, but beautiful in retrospect. By reading the ‘blog it’s both fascinating and entertaining to know what transpired, essentially minute-by-minute, years later. I like re-experiencing 24 hours of TV without having to plant myself on a couch all day.” Special K takes a different view, “Last time I just wanted to write about 24 Hours of Television as my mind dripped away. It turns out that some of it is still left...and I know just how to fix that problem.”


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